‘Plato’s Marbles’ - Napkin Ring Tealight Holder by Bart Eyking

EYKING introduces its latest range of marble products this September during London Design Week and Shoreditch design Triangle at thethestore. following on from designer Bart Eyking’s series of Marble Tables showcased earlier this year.

‘Plato’s Marbles’ is a collection of diamond and hexagon shaped marble rings for the dining -, coffee - and side table. A series of precious architectonic objects that can be used both as napkin rings and tealight holders. Enabling restaurateurs and home gourmets to decorate their tables with elegant marble shapes. Either standing upright with a napkin or laid flat with a tealight, 

After removal of the napkin, the ring can be placed flat on the table and a tealight safely inserted. The rings have been designed in such a way that the opening of the underside is tapered to prevent surface burns.

They are available to purchase in store or online here

I: @barteyking